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Heather Duey

Wasn't that part of the very first idea? GPS and Wi-Fi to find lost children - i.e. reunite everyone together. Too broad, too much hardware. I still think it's a good idea but we DID think about that. Don't discount the thought process; it wasn't perfect, but nobody's is, and never will be. I'm proud of what we've done, even if it goes nowhere (without changing it). Broader questions are good, and different questions are better - but don't knock us for things we did think about, even if we didn't choose to focus on that. :)

David Duey

I meant to ask a broad question so that you can find the "pain." I don't want a broad implementation, I just want to make sure we're addressing users (customers) needs. I do sound critical, but I was actually trying to sound all learned and sophisticated and everything. ;-)

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